Taisuke was born in Nagoya, Japan in 1969.
After graduating from Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan, with a degree in Social Sciences in 1991, he joined Sekisui House, a housing construction company, as a sales representative.
In 2020, He changed his career and became a photographer.
He has completed three MoMA online courses in modern art, contemporary art, and photography.
And he also completed a series of courses at ACSI G. Matteotti Palermofoto ®︎ in Italy, where he learned the techniques of ambrotype, cyanotype, oiltype, and mordançage and their application.
His photo book "KOUFUKURON - Eudaemonics" will be published by Italian publisher 89Books in March 2023.
His theme is the question of people's loneliness and happiness in cities. He captures people's lives and society from multiple perspectives, and presents a methodology that transforms these perspectives into a sense of "impermanence" and "MONO-NO-AWARE".
佐藤 泰輔 
立命館大学 産業社会学部卒業後、積水ハウス株式会社に入社。
2020年  写真家に転向。 写真家 葛原よしひろ氏、ニューヨークの写真家  James Maher氏より指導を受け、また、イタリアのACSI G. Matteotti Palermofoto®︎にてアンブロタイプ・サイアノタイプ・オイルタイプ・モルダンサージュの技法を学ぶ。
2023年3月 イタリアの出版社 89Booksにて写真集「コウフクロン」”KOUFUKURON - Eudaemonics"を出版予定。

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