t a i s u k e s a t o

p h o t o g r a p h y

t a i s u k e s a t o

p h o t o g r a p h y

h o m e                 w o r k s
写真集  コウフクロン - Eudaemonics   

初版 2023年4月 300部 
デザイン 89Books(イタリア・パレルモ)
出版社  89Books 
編集   Mauro D'Agathi
31,5 x 22,5 cm  
20x30 cm プリント+シリアルナンバーカード
ISBN 979-12-80423-34-4


KOUFUKURON -Eudaemonics "Theory of Happiness" - Taisuke Sato

1st. Edition 4/2023 300 Copies
Texts by Taisuke Sato
Book design by 89books
Edit by Mauro D'Agathi
56 pages
31,5 x 22,5 cm
36 color photographs
1 20x30 cm signed color print included
Digital print
ISBN 979-12-80423-34-4

If you wish to purchase, contact me by e-mail.
If you are in Europe, shipping costs are less expensive when you buy from 89books, Palermo, Italy. If you purchase from me, I will sign your book.​​​​​​​

89Books presents Taisuke Sato KOUFUKURON – Eudaemonics. A Theory of Happiness

Meet Taisuke Sato’s pursuit of human happiness in his first publication KOUFUKURON – Eudaemonics.
This is a story of escape from the agony of living and how one finds its way by accepting the impermanence of things. 
Shifting to a social phycological approach, choosing to see reality through a social point of a viewer rather than from a first-person perspective means allowing people to be as they are and to accept the diversity of everything in the world. 
The book sums up a period of personal transformation and searches for the meaning of life that the photographer who abandoned his job in real estate and became a photographer. 
it’s deeply rooted in Japanese culture, yet critically reflects contemporary Japanese society and an individual’s place in it. ​​​​​​​
Street Photography シリーズ - Taisuke Sato
¥1,000   $10.00

Vol. 1  Tender Light - Finland
Vol. 2  Center of the World - New York
Vol. 3  With a small camera - Bogota, Colombia
Vol. 4  A Day in Venice - Venice, Italy

初版 1/2022 50部
文と写真  Taisuke Sato
18 cm x 18 cm
Printed in Japan
The essay is written in Japanese. If you prefer another language, I will include an AI-translated text.
If you wish to purchase, please contact me by e-mail.
Tender Light
Tender Light
Tender Light
Tender Light
Center of the World
Center of the World
Center of the World
Center of the World
With a small camera
With a small camera
With a small camera
With a small camera
A day in Venice
A day in Venice
A day in Venice
A day in Venice
Narrative and Fiction

First Edition 1/2021
Chojamachi School of Arts
Produced and Published by PaCell
Printed in Japan

Taurus Magazine Travel Edition Issue 4
MagCloud  Print $20.11  Digital $5.99
Published by: Taurus Magazine
Published: 1/3/2023
Specs: Standard 8.25" x 10.75"
Printed in the United States
40 pages Perfect-bound

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