Men eat men - Urban Loneliness 2021

I take photographs of everyday life in society in the style of street photography, and express it conceptually and ideologically from the perspective of "impermanence" and "Mono-no-aware."

   "Happiness is a human duty. ”(from Alan's eudaemonics)

While some people desire their own happiness and are in the midst of it, others only feel the emptiness of the word happiness and suffer from feelings of loneliness, lack of love, loss, alienation, depression, and jealousy. When you are trapped in endless barren emotions, your vision becomes narrower and narrower. Without realizing it, they choke on themselves, lamenting their loneliness and pain and asking people for help, which in turn drives people away. However, this will drive people away. It is very difficult to get out of such a situation, and it takes a lot of time.
However, the world is a "representation" of what we see, and depending on what perspective and will we have, we can see the world differently. In order to make this possible, I take a social psychological approach to the events I see in my photographs, and find the relationship between them and society. The idea is to give the viewer a social perspective rather than a first person point of view. This means recognizing diversity, allowing people to be as they are, and feeling that everything in the world is fragile and beautiful. I believe that this conscious shift in perspective to "impermanence" and "Mono-no-aware" is the path to human happiness, and my job as a photographer is to create such a series of works.
June, 2021     Taisuke Sato
   「幸福は人間の義務である。ー アラン幸福論より
2021年6月  佐藤 泰輔  
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