Taisuke Sato is an empathetic observer of the human experience, focusing on the intricacies of emotions, societal dynamics, and the pursuit of happiness. He emphasizes understanding diverse perspectives, impermanence, and finding beauty in fleeting moments. His storytelling reflects a multidisciplinary approach, blending sociology, psychology, and Japanese aesthetics to encourage introspection and foster a more compassionate society.
About My Works and Research
Documentary, Self-documentary / ドキュメンタリー、セルフ・ドキュメンタリー
On Men's Views of Gender / 男性のジェンダー観について
Research on abstract expression / 抽象表現についての研究
Research on Alternative Photography Processes / オルタナティブ写真プロセスの研究

Taisuke Sato was born in Nagoya, Japan in 1969.
He earned a B.A. in Social Sciences from Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan, and worked as a manager for a residential construction company. He then switched careers to become a photographer.
He studied art and photography at MoMA's online courses and studied in Italy, completing some alternative processes programs at ACSI G. Matteotti Palermofoto ®︎
He is currently pursuing his MFA in Photography at Kyoto University of the Arts, Kyoto, Japan.

Member of the Japan Society for Arts and History of Photography.
Member of a Street Photo Salon organized by New York photographer James Maher.
Lives and works in Nagoya, Japan

​​​​​​​2023年イタリア留学。ACSI G. Matteotti Palermofoto ®︎ にてオルタナティブ・プロセスのプログラムを修了
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