Non Color-Coded People     2021-2022   (Fine Art)
A crowd formed unconsciously in the same place at the same time. Using a sociological approach, this is classified into several small groups according to certain rules. Then they will be seen that each one has its own characteristics. And in the process, we also notice that there are people who do not belong to any group. Their intentions, behaviors, and psychological states are clearly different from those of the group. Focusing on these people and analyzing them from a behavioral psychology point of view, the real humans emerged from them. These are their stories, just like you and me.
At the crosswalk 
What is life? That's what the person thought when they were waiting at the traffic light. Until now, that they had been going with the flow. They had a feeling that it was not their will, but they just had to watch them step and try not to fall out of that current. Responsibility and duty also discouraged them. The light turned green and they began to walk. And when they were halfway across the crosswalk, they made a momentous decision.
At the lobby of the station 
The lobby of the station was bustling. It was 3:00 pm on a Sunday afternoon, and there were a lot of people meeting up around the Golden Clock. This woman had arrived 15 minutes early for the meeting. After all, such is her character. Her mother was the same. If she arrives at exactly the right time, it's fine, but she always tries to act that way so that she won't be late even if she has to miss the train. On the other hand, the person she was meeting was her friend, but she was always late for the appointment. Her brother is the same. For her, 3:10 is usually the same as 3:00. Now, the woman who was being waited on was anxious and irritated to the max and was restless. Her aura was so great that no one could get close to her. Then, at 3:13, the women “smiled” at each other.
さて、待たされていた女性は、不安とイライラがMAXになって落ち着きがなくなっていました。 彼女のオーラが凄まじくて、誰も近寄ることができませんでした。
At the free live concert of a local idol 
Ever since he found out about the new local idol group, he had been obsessed with them. When he heard on social media that there was going to be a free concert, he headed to the place, which was two hours away by bullet train. He was planning to cheer them on from the front row. He arrived at the venue very early, so the front row was still empty. However, he was surprised to see the clothes of the people who had gathered there. Obviously, there appeared to be a sense of solidarity unique to the region, and he felt that it was exclusive. So he decided to watch from the outside, feeling ashamed. He had always been like that. He didn't know how he felt about things would make a big difference in his life.
At the temple 
When something happens, there are many people who look at it sideways and pass by, some who approach it, and some who want to experience it for themselves, but he was different. When the girl was attacked by a pigeon, he quickly composed a picture in his mind, moved quickly to the best place, and started to take a video of the scene with no expression on his face. He was an observer, a bystander, and a recorder. However, he was unaware that he was being observed and recorded by me from an even more optimal position. It's not a matter of winning or losing, but somehow I feel like I've won him over. Hmm? Perhaps I was being observed by someone else too?
何かが起こった時に、横目で見て通り過ぎる人、近寄ってみる人、自分で体験してみたいと思う人など、様々 な人がいますが、彼は違いました。少女がハトに襲われた時、彼は頭の中で素早く構図を決め、最適な場所 に素早く移動し、無表情でその様子を動画に撮り始めました。 彼は観察者であり、傍観者であり、記録者でした。 しかし、彼は自分がさらに最適な位置から私に観察され、記録されていることに気づいていませんでした。
 勝ち負けの問題ではないのですが、なぜか私は彼に勝ったような気がします。 ん? ひょっとすると私も誰かに観察されていたのかも?
At the shopping mall
Before Christmas, she wandered into the mall with nothing to buy.
Usually, she does that on days when she has free time.
Deciding to buy groceries later, she looked around this floor and took the escalator to the upper floors.
Then something caught her eyes.
They were caught by the family of a boy walking hand in hand.
It was only a short time before they passed each other.
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